How Do I Feel When I Re-visit My Blogs After a Long Time

It has been such a long time since I got back to this place. I was a little skeptical to re-visit what I had created when I was just a girl in the college, with a cigarette and my phone in my hand, and a head loaded with dreams and ideas. But life took a turn, and now I hardly have time to even pause and think. There was a time when I used to watch people running in a race, and never knew why would you let a chunk of your life go away at meaningless things which would not matter after a while. But when I was pushed in the race, I realized that you don’t have time to think why you are here, what are you doing there, but you just keep running along, falling, pacing, running strong, growing weak. Amidst all, I happened to fins time to re-visit my blog. And it feels like a wave of mixed emotions hit you and wash off your walls, barriers which makes me unaffected.

How do I feel to re-visit my blog again., a voice inside me asked me as soon as I landed on the stats page of my account. Am I happy, am I sad, am I going to delete the account? I didn’t know why I happened to visit my account again, but when I did, it felt like I had opened an old box of treasure, and I was too scared to see the contents. I opened one of my blogs, and read the story that I had once written in a crazy night. It brought back some memories, some tears, and a feeling of being defeated for having a freedom of writing anything that I want. Such freedom is seldom lost in the days of adulthood. There is no time to think why are we here.

How do I feel to re-visit my blog again? Happy, very happy, and determined that I will keep that chunk of my life alive, which I had lived once, which I had lost once, and will never lose again.

And I wish the same to you.


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