Holy Father-Mother Nature, Ring A Bell?

After all those studies in feminist history, all those issues of gender sensitivity and gender role, and all those arguments about men and women in the society, it is not strange to us anymore that the world is built on a patriarchal system where women are, in Baeviour’s words, the “Other”. When men danced towards the very center of the society, they pushed women to the peri-pheri, leading them to have limits in their rights, their lifestyle, and much of their role in the society. This is, by all means, been forced upon us through religion in every nook and corner of the society. Men are the majority, women are the minority, men go to work, and women raise kids, men rule the country, and women dictates the kitchen. These are few of the common systems that we come across at least once in our day.
Have you ever pondered who actually are the ones to decode the gender roles in our society? Who have done the damage? These are some (not all) of the clever religious men across the world! Michael Focult writes about all about the intimacy which started to form a definition and description long the ago. In his trilogy, The History Of Sexuality, he writes about how sex is what it has become like today, a taboo and forbidden except some conditions, and who were the ones to dictate these things in the society in the name of God. Religion have unfailingly been the patriarchal system that governs the society, leaving women away from any dictatorship. He mentions how homosexuality was seen okay amongst men, but not women! Women were only a tool of their sexual acts, where men derive pleasure by just lying down on bed. The act happens to them without them moving an inch of their body. How sad that women were neglected through and through in all aspects.
If you think over the system of religion, you will notice how men have been placed in the highest pedestal which rules out any other question or doubt. God is Father, a man, and Nature is Mother, a woman. Father is the creator of Mother Nature. Father is above Mother Nature. Maybe hence were all those issues between Pagans and Christians back then!
No matter how much I scribble about the gender issues, how much we study the vivacity of feminism, these problems would never go away. The sad thing is that women give in, they make peace with stuff that has stunt their progress in long run. There is a need of bridging these gender differences, as we women are something more than just caretakers and home makers.


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