The Grave and the Butterscotch (Short Story)

Once upon a time, there was a group of the most dumb and lazy friends living somewhere near in Bangalore. This group of friends was so dumb, that they can’t even eat a slice of pizza without having an argument on “who came first, the cow or the cheese”, or sometimes, “who came first, the tomato or the seed”. There was no tragedy, no delinquent thing, under the sun, which would separate these dumb friends.
There were five of them: Sam, shortened from Shyam, who was a typical Kannada boy, and the most handsome of all. But alas, even the most thoughtless woman would not accept him as a boyfriend, as he was always in the group of five unintelligent and good-for-nothing boys. However, Sam never let this come between him and his friendship with Zuhaid aka July, a boy from Chennai, Raj, aka Rajjo from Chandigarh, Pappu from Itava, and Manoj, aka Manny, from Delhi, all equal in their  IQ and intelligence, which is nothing more or less than zero.
One night, as all the usual nights, these five friends decided to get higher than the sky, and they gobble an enormous amount of vodka, soda, and fries. They are so drunk and crazy, that they can’t even see things clearly around them. Occasionally, they would talk about all the things that happened in the world, which didn’t even matter. Sometimes, they would talk about things that did not happen in this world, and yet, they paid a major part of their little concern to them. One such night, these five friends decided to go out on a venture after their drinks. They decided to drive to a burger house, which is far away from their flat, and eat double-cheese burgers to fill their outsized stomachs. They made their mind to eat as many fries and burgers as they could, because, according to Rajjo, “life is too short for worries”.
So, they started their journey to this burger house, which is far away from their flat.  They stuffed themselves in their WagonR, and leave. Rajjo was driving the car, as he was the only one who could walk without tumbling down. It was late in night, and very few people were out on the road. Their journey to this burger house passed through a lonely stretch of road, which was surrounded by trees and bushes.
Rajjo kept his eyes unblinkingly open, in fear of passing out if he closed them even a bit, and the rest of the friends were singing songs about friendship and love. “Yeeeeeehhh dosti,  -hic- hum nahiiiiii todenge -hic- todeengeeeeee –hic-.”
They somehow reached the burger house in the moonlit night, and ordered twice the amount of food that they could eat: double decker chicken burgers, French fries, soft drinks, ice creams, and sandwiches, are some of the few things that they had ordered to eat. They were full and satisfied of the food, more than they could load up, and left the place to go back to their flat.
On their way back, they all were tired and sleepy after all the vodka, junk food, and singing. Manny and July were quiet and in peace, Rajjo was driving again, and there was one person who could not sit in tranquility. This boy was Sam, who had a trouble going on his stomach, and sat in an uneasy way. ‘Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ roared his stomach, which was unnoticed by the rest of the boys sitting in the car. And just then, there was a blast in the car; ‘poooooooooooooooooaaaaawwww’ ‘prrrrrrrrr’ is what it sounded like, like a piece of cloth tearing apart, following by an explosion of foul air in the car. The boys were suffocated, and they rushed their heads out of the open window. Rajjo stopped the car in the middle of the road.
“Who was that”, demanded Rajjo, and Sam, July, and Manny looked at each other in a quizzing manner. They all looked at Pappu, and their doubts were clear. Pappu was the one who was responsible for this disgusting incident. Everyone was trying to recover from it, and Rajjo commanded, “dude, leave the car, and get all that shit out of the stomach.”
“Are you mad”, replied Pappu, “where will I go in the middle of the night? Its so dark outside, and we are in the middle of nowhere.”
“So what”, joined Manny, “are you scared of going out in the night? You either go and loosen up your guts, or walk all alone to your way back to flat.”
The rest of the folks murmured in acceptance, but Pappu was dying out of fear, and stomach pain. He finally decided to listen to them, and left the car with a torch in his hand. He got off the road, and started walking towards the jungle. He was scared to be too close to them, as they might hear, what they call is “bathroom-roars”, and he was scared to go too far away, in fear of getting lost and get attacked by an animal. He walked a little distance, and saw a white marble in the middle of the jungle. He found it to be to be the suitable spot for his business. He loosened his pants, squatted down on the marble, and started with it. With huge explosions of gas from his gut descended all the disturbing matter from his stomach. He kept his torch on the fine white marble to push some more of this matter out of his system.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”, a painful, screaching, shilling, and loud scream arose from somewhere in the dark. It sounded like a woman screaming behind his back. He turned back to see, but he couldn’t find anyone. Pappu got up, forgetting the torch behind him. He picked his pants in his hands, as there was no time to tighten them around his belly. He ran for his life, screaming, tumbling, and trying to reach his friends. Manny and July heard Pappu, and they thought that maybe he forgot to take tissues or a bottle of water with him to finish the last custom. They walked out of the car to help him, but they saw Pappu running like somebody was chasing him. They stood still, and Pappu ran past them, still screaming without a pause.
Manny and July looked at each other, and shrugged. They walked back to the car; as they got in, the car started and left the jungle. On the way back, Rajjo, Manny, and July were singing songs, Sam was trying to control something very badly, and Pappu was in shock, which nobody noticed at all.
In the middle of the jungle, there stood a lady in white right infront of the marble slab. She had a disgusted look on her face, as she observed the yellow remains of Pappu. She was joined by another entity, a man dressed in white, licking ice-cream out of a cone.
“What’s the matter; why did you call me?”
“Somebody just nincompooped on my marble grave. Somebody just ruined my imported white beauty.”
“Its alright”, said the man, without stopping from eating his ice-cream, “maybe it will dry off in few days and fade away. After all, we are going to be here till eternity. So what’s the big deal? Give it five days, sweetheart.”
The lady stretched he neck a little, to have a better look of it in the light from the abandoned torch.
“It seems to look like butterscotch.”
The man dropped the ice-cream cone from his hand at once. He was disgusted and furious.
“You have spoilt butterscotch for me, forever.”
“So what”, replies the woman slyly, “give it a little time, it will fade away. After all, we have to linger around for many more years.”
The man looked at the woman, who was grinning. They both disappeared in the thin air.


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